James T.

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Art and Architecture - It's an imaginative concept or idea that brings uniqueness to a person or object. Out of nothing, art and architecture molds into a confound masterpiece. I think that's what makes it exquisite.
Basketball - I love everything about basketball... from the competitive nature to the passion of the game. Laker for life.
Childhood - Growing up from 1992 - Whether it was 10 years ago or it was yesterday, I tend to reblog posts that I reminisce or brings nostalgia to my soul.
Christianity - I'm Christian. I can write pages and pages about the amazing things God has planned. I am blessed for the life I have and thankful for everything God has provided.
Food - Gotta have that yum yum in my tum tum.
Football (Soccer) - My second favorite sport after basketball. It is a highly respected sport around the world. My favorite players are Thierry Henry, Ronaldinho, and Zinedine Zidane
Girls - If i had a type, it would be a girl who has a sense of humor. Looks aren't all that important to me, because it's what's inside that really matters to be honest. Humor, personality, and looks in that order. :)
Humor - Anyone can use a good laugh now and then. Tumblr is the perfect place to find it.
Music - I think it's the most vital aspect in a person's life. It is always healing, soothing, and helps through life. It keeps me going. My personal favorites of artist would be Nujabes
Planes - Growing up, I always had this admiration for planes. I was always interested in the jet models and was always researching different airline companies. I used to enjoy driving by the airport and see those giant machines with its thunderous roar. To this day I continue to love going to the airport. Unsure why... Maybe it's because the fact that I'm leaving to go somewhere leads to a new adventure. Longtime goal: I want to be an avionic mechanic. Wish me luck!
Photography - I enjoy working with cameras. Every detail, every feature has a purpose just like a picture. Observing the natural beauty is what I admire in photography. At the end of the day when the sun sets and the last of it's rays hit the palm trees... it's a phenomenal feeling. I guess it's at the end where we truly see genuine beauty.
Star Wars - Fan for life. Theres some pretty cool conceptual art on tumblr. Darth Nihilus, Yoda, Storm and clonetroopers, AT-ST/AT-AT really catch my eye. Oh sorry nerd moment.